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Why Pia Tours Services?

With us you get the best walk or bike tours, tapas tasting or authentic Flamenco show of Seville. We also provide the most complete (day) programs for tourists, (business) groups travels or corporate events. We make it unforgettable!

Quite simply, we can refer you to our good reviews on:

Group Packages

With many thanks to our guests! This is what we are very proud of and also very grateful! This is the result of our enthusiasm and the next five principles where Pia Tours Services stands for:

things to do in seville why best value for money

1. Best value for money

A tour or service of Pia Tours is best value for money. Moreover, you pay only when you have finished the tour or service and not in advance when booking. We only work with passionate, professional Colleagues (not students or visitors). Each colleague gets a training program and must pass our certification. Our goal: To let you also fall in love with gorgeous Seville, the undiscovered jewel of Andalusia.

things to do in seville why free tips and support

2. Free tips and support

You want to get as much possible out of your city trip to Seville? Therefore, you don't only get our tips and advice only during your tour or services, but you can also count on us before or after your tour. Did you book a tour or service? Then you get 'Free Full Customer Support' during your stay! Also feel free and without obligation to Contact us if you are planning to come to Seville. No worries!

things to do in seville why small groups

3. Groups max. 8-10 persons

For us, this is the absolute maximum number of people in a tour. Why? Simple. We want to give everyone the full and personal attention that you deserve and answer all the questions calmly and expanded. Moreover, your guide can take this maximum number of people safely through Seville. Everything so that Seville will be unforgettable for you. Are you still with more than 8-10 people? Then we just put on more colleagues!

things to do in seville why mono language tours

4. Mono language tours

It is not comforting to have a tour in several languages. You have to wait until the guide is finished translating the other language. You don't hear or understand all the questions. Moreover, it is is your precious time so you don't want to miss any information or highlight. Thats why our Tours are only in English or Dutch (Flemish) or German. Full attention, nice and clearly, without loss of your time!

things to do in seville why safe bikes and tours

5. Safe bike and walking tours

Your safety is our priority! Small manageable groups of max. 8-10 persons. A helmet is compulsory for children up to 7 years (free) and for children under 4 years are child safety seats (free). There are also safe carts for children behind the bike. Daily the bicycles are checked and maintained by an expert team. Our Tours are almost entirely on the many kilometers of green bike lanes in Seville.

Our principles = Your principles?

If you, just like us, find our principles also very important during a tour? Then do Book one of our unforgettable walking, cycling, tasting tapas or flamenco Tours or let us show you what we can do for you with our personal Services!

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